Jai jai bajrangbali hanuman

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Anjana, a admirable Apsara in angelic alcazar cloister of Lord Brahma was accursed by a academician that, the moment she fell in adulation she would become monkey faced. Brahma anticipation of allowance her and she took bearing on earth. Anjana met Kesari, the monkey baron and they both married. Being an agog addict of Lord Shiva, she kept on accomplishing tapasya. Lord Shiva was afflicted and she admired him to be her son so that she would be freed from the anathema of ..........

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Few canicule later, Baron Dasrath was assuming Yagna afterwards which the academician gave him a kheer to augment all his wives. A allocation of Kaushlya, the ancient wive’s kheer was snatched by a aeroplane who flew all the way area Anjana was meditating. Lord Vayu (aka Pawan – Wind) on the arresting of Lord Shiva kept the kheer in Anjana’s hand. Thinking it as Lord Shiva’s prasad Anjana ate it and appropriately was built-in Lord Shiva’s apotheosis – Anjaneya the son of Anjana who is able-bodied accepted as Pawan Putra, the son of the Lord of ....

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Vayu’s added name was Maruti and so Hanuman is aswell alleged Maruti.In Sanskrit Hanu agency Jaw and man agency agee so Hanuman agency agee jaw. No wonder, Hanuman’s jaw as a kid was agee by none added than Lord Indra who had acclimated his vajra (Thunderbolt) adjoin Anjaneya, who took sun as a riped mango and even went to trace it up in the sky. It was actuality in the sky that Lord Indra had acclimated his vajra which threw Anjaneya beeline on the apple damaging his jaw forever ...

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